About Collen Pillar Sibuyi Organisation

Welcome to The Collen Pillar Sibuyi Organisation, the organisation was founded by an entrepreneur and businessman Mr. Collen Pillar Sibuyi in 2013 as an entrepreneurial vehicle to create a sustainable investment Organisation to enable its profit and non-profit initiative gain strength in one controlled environment. The organisation owns and oversee all activities under Collen Pillar Group Company as well as Sibuyi Group Company which has a diverse interest in both professional and Industrial environment. It’s portfolio of entities are in different fields such as aviation, travel and tourism, hospitality, leisure, lifestyle, healthcare, technology, financial services, food & beverages, and automotive and many others. The organisation has a long term strategy to set itself to operate at a most competitive environment. The Organisation also has initiated a non-profit initiative which are mostly funded by The Collen Pillar Sibuyi Organisation itself and it has founded Collen Pillar Sibuyi Foundation which has a number of CSI initiatives as well as Collen Pillar Sibuyi Scholarship which focusses on education initiatives.